Accommodation Base

Case: Alaskan Fisheries
Dillingham and Cordova
Worker Accommodations

Accommodation Bases create secure, comfortable, spaces for teams to work, live and sleep, regardless how harsh the outside environment.

Objectives and Strategic Planning.
When it comes to building a strategy and budget for a temporary worker camp for 10, 50, or even 100, we start by determining your project objectives. We have the experience to help you easily navigate the process to quickly arrive at clear solutions based on your immediate or long-term needs. You needn’t have done this before as we have, for some twenty years.

• Living & Sleeping quarters
• Office & Work quarters
• Shower & Toilet units

Genesis Base
Finished space
Essential Base
Finished Space; Bathroom (Toilet, Sink, Shower)
Ultimate Base
Finished Space; Kitchenette; Bathroom (Toilet, Sink, Shower)
Bunk Units
3 or 6 Person Units
Unlimited expansion capacity – Minimum 960 sqft
Shower Base
6 stalls
Toilet Base
6 stalls

All Accommodation Bases come in both 8′ x 20′ and 8′ x 40′ units.